A Child Goes Missing...

Growing up in the good ol’ days, parents didn’t worry about their child walking to school alone, going to a neighbor’s house alone, or new "friends" they found while surfing the net. Times have changed. Today, parents are becoming increasingly burdened by keeping their kids safe from child predators in the real and virtual worlds.

In the United States, 2,000 children are reported missing everyday. When a report is made, police ask for a current photo and a detailed description of the missing child. Many times, parents can’t remember a child’s height, weight, or simple identifiers such as eye color or other distinguishing features. Knowing these things and being able to give police an updated photo are positive steps towards getting the word out quickly. Every minute spent finding information could mean the child is one more mile away from home.

k iD Zone

Partnering with local police, Town & Country Bank and volunteers host k iD Zone in an effort to help parents keep up-to-date records of their children, Using an Identification Kit, important information and a picture are all in one place.

Parents, Proactively Keep Your Kids Safe

Visit a k iD Zone in your community

2014 Zones

April 26 – Chiidren's Fair

May 8 – DARE Graduation

June 14 – Watertown Police Bike Rodeo

July 8 – Lights 'n' Sirens / Riverside Park, Watertown

August 7-10 – Riverfest

For information on other Zones, please contact Town & Country Bank
920.262.2900 or info@tandcbank.com